Cross Challenge on 24 October 2021

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Every medal has two sides. The medal for the VIRTUAL GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON even has two particularly beautiful sides. Already dubbed the “Black Beauty” in collector circles, the all-in-black medal will soon achieve cult status. From April 9 - 11, 2021, runners, inline skaters, wheelchair athletes and hand cyclists will be able to secure the medal (inlcuded in premium package) with their participation in the VIRTUAL GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON. This extra event is a completely independent event. It will serve both as a start to the spring season and as a bridging event until the real GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON, which is scheduled for August 22, 2021.

At the VIRTUAL GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON, you can choose between a 10k option and the 21.0975-kilometer event that gives the race its name – you can flaunt your finish by wearing the medal shown above. SCC EVENTS is deliberately catering to active athletes who recently discovered the joy of endurance sports during the current pandemic and are now facing their first challenges. No matter which distance you choose, it must be completed in one piece (of course short breaks are allowed). If interested, with an additional registration step you upload the time that you recorded with a wearable device to the corresponding website, so your finish can be included in an official ranking. The organizer is also addressing the current needs for the whole family to get active by offering a special kids-family deal.

The participation fee is seven euros (without medal). In addition, interested German and EU citizens can book a limited premium package that includes the medal pictured above and other surprises. The participation fee includes a charity contribution to The Human Safety Net. The Human Safety Net is a worldwide community initiative of the international Generali Group, in which people help other people with the aim of developing the potential of people living in difficult conditions. The charity campaign is intended to send a clear signal for social cooperation during these challenging times.


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