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Mizuki Noguchi and Haile Gebrselassie at the 33rd real,- BERLIN-MARATHON


The 33 rd real,- BERLIN-MARATHON marks the beginning of a new promising era in the history of the biggest German marathon event. With its 40,000 participants and a series of world-class performances, the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON has already been one of the world’s most spectacular races for the past few years. The foundation of the World Marathon Majors (WMM) which the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON is part of next to the Flora London Marathon, the BAA Boston Marathon, the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon and the ING New York City Marathon, has only strengthened this position. These five events basically represent the running sport’s Formula 1.

Accordingly, the participants of this year’s real,- BERLIN-MARATHON are high-ranking runners from all over the world such as Haile Gebrselassie and Olympic Champion Mizuki Noguchi who will be cheered on by about a million spectators along the course. The enthusiastic spectators in Berlin will not only cheer on those stars however, but also the fun runners, walkers, wheelchair athletes and handbikers as well as the pupils participating in the real,- MINI-MARATHON.

Five records have been run at the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON so far – as many as in no other marathon race still held today. Most recent world records have been Naoko Takahashi’s ( Japan ) barrier breaking 2:19: 46 from 2001 and Paul Tergat’s ( Kenya ) 2:04: 55 from 2003, which still stands today.

The man who as pace maker had significantly contributed to the record and nearly even beaten Paul Tergat in the final sprint will also be running – this time not as pacemaker however. Kenyan runner Sammy Korir is still the second fastest runner ever with his time of 2:04: 56 hours. “This will be a great competition, and that is great for the spectators,” Haile Gebrselassie predicts. “It will be less good for me but I hope that he is well prepared as I will be, too.”

Favourites of the 33rd real,- BERLIN-MARATHON



Sammy Korir KEN
PB: 2:04:56
2. real,- BERLIN-MARATHON 2003

Luis Novo POR
PB: 2:09:41
7. Berlin 04

Haile Gebrselassie ETH
PB: 2:06:20
1. Amsterdam 05

Gudisa Shentema ETH  
PB: 2:09:46
4. Rotterdam 05

Driss El Himer FRA  
PB: 2:06:48
4. Paris 03

Kurao Umeki JPN  
PB: 2:09:52
7. real,- BERLIN-MARATHON 2003

Joseph Riri KEN  
PB: 2:06:49
2. real,- BERLIN-MARATHON 2004

Kazuya Nakamori JPN  
PB: 2:12:08
1. Nobeoka

Joseph Ngolepus KEN  
PB: 2:07:57
3. Flora London-Marathon 2003

Ahmed Ezzobayry FRA  
PB: 2:13:12
11. Paris 05

Jackson Koech KEN  
PB: 2:08:02
2. Rotterdam 05

Araya Haregot ETH  
PB: 2:11:46
3. Seoul 06

Michitaka Hosokawa JPN
PB: 2:09:10
3. Lake Biwa 05

Paulo Alves BRA  




Mizuki Noguchi JPN
PB: 2:19:12
1. real,- BERLIN-MARATHON 2005

Monica Drybulska POL
PB: 2:29:58
6. real,- BERLIN -MARATHON 2003

Gete Wami ETH
PB: 2:22:19
1. Amsterdam 02

Liz Yelling GBR
PB: 2:30:58
8. real,- BERLIN -MARATHON 2003

Salina Kosgei KEN
PB: 2:24:32
1 . Paris 04

Maria Teresa Pulido ESP
PB: 2:31:56
3. Rotterdam 03

Asha Gigi ETH
PB: 2:26:05
2. Paris 04

Susanne Pumper AUT
PB: 2:32:20
3. Wien 06

Shitaye Gemechu ETH
PB: 2:26:15
4. real,- BERLIN-MARATHON 2002

Fatima Cabral POR
PB: 2:33:32
6. Mailand 03

Sonja Oberem GER
PB: 2:26:13
1. Hamburg 01

Marlene Fortunato BRA
PB: 2:33:35
2. Barcelona 00

Melanie Kraus GER
PB: 2:27:58

Nirmal Bharti NEP

Mina Ogawa JPN
PB: 2:28: 47
2. Osaka 98


Dulce Maria Rodriguez MEX
PB: 2:29:00
1. Lala 05


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