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Felix Limo: „My motto is always: I want to win“


Felix Limo won the Flora London Marathon.
© Jiro Mochizuki/Photo Run

Felix Limo was the winner of the Flora London Marathon last Sunday. He is now a joint leader of the World Marathon Majors Series (WMM). In 2004 Felix Limo had won the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON. After his London triumph the Kenyan gave the following interview.    

How was the race?

Felix Limo: „I felt good throughout the race and was prepared for everything. Sure I am really happy with my result, although the chances were fifty-fifty to win the race when we were on the last stretch.”  

It was pretty close with Martin Lel – did you expect that somebody would push earlier?

Felix Limo: “I really thought somebody would push at some point in the race, but nobody did, so we watched each other. That is why we stayed together for so long. Nobody wanted to make the first move. I talked to my friend Martin Lel, because we both knew that we couldn’t go alone. We needed to assist each other. At 37 k the group was falling apart a bit and I thought now or never. So Martin and I increased the pace.”  

Did you think you could win the Flora London

Felix Limo: “Well, as a long distance runner you never know what happens. But for me I have to say that my motto is always: I want to win. This is why everybody runs a race – to win.”  

What will you do with the big amount of money you have won in

Felix Limo: “I don’t have the money yet. I start to plan when I have it in my hands, and not before. Sure I will celebrate with my family but what comes then, I can’t tell you.”  

Where will you run next?

Felix Limo: “Maybe I go to defend my title in Chicago. But first of all I rest a bit now and then see what choices I have.”


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