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The 29th real,- BERLIN-MARATHON live

The real,- BERLIN-MARATHON brought to you live on TV-Channel and on the Internet


  • The 29th BERLIN-MARATHON live on the internet
  • The 29th real,- BERLIN-MARATHON brought to you live on SFB1, the TV-channel for Berlin, and on Das Erste (first programme)

The 29th BERLIN-MARATHON live on the internet

The Sender Freies Berlin (SFB) will present the 29th real,-BERLIN-MARATHON live on the internet on On 29 September 2002 from 8.35h in the morning, there will be altogether four different live Video-Streams to choose from, i.e. you can watch the complete skater-competition, from start to finish, the men’s lead, the women’s lead and Naoko Takahashi parallelly and live as international signal on the internet – and can cross your fingers for your personal favourites.

This year’s ultimate highlight will be the live-pursuit of the most important runners’ groups and Naoko Takahashi, of course, via GPS. In other words: if you want to trace on which kilometre of the course your most favourite runner is situated at that moment in Berlin and what time he/she is running, please visit There you will also find the latest score of 100 specially chosen runners per live-retrieval.

Apart from many information about the marathon and for your own running preparation, we will also, as in previous years, present many interesting and famous guests in our Marathon-Online-Chat. Here are only a few names: ice-skating and skating-crack André Unterdörfel will be in the chatroom from 8.30 a.m. to comment the skating competition live, from 10.00 a.m. wheelchair driver and many times marathon champion Hans Frei will join us immediately after his finish to answer user questions. German marathon star Stefan Freigang will pay a visit in the chatroom from 11.00 a.m. and from 14.00h representatives of the SFB-Runner’s-Movement will talk about their run as well as answer questions. Watch out for surprise guests.

For all late-risers who want to see only the most important scenes of the run: parallel to the ARD-programme, the marathon highlights can be found summarised on In the course of the day, résumés and first impressions of the other marathon competitions (e.g. Bambinis, wheelchair drivers or walkers) will be made available as video-on-demand on SFB-Online.

The 29th real,- BERLIN-MARATHON brought to you live on SFB1, the TV-channel for Berlin, and on Das Erste (first programme)

As in last year, SFB1 will also in 2002 report from the 29th real,- BERLIN-MARATHON with a costly live-transmission. Numerous outside broadcast units, motorbikes, helicopters and a total of 32 cameras will let the viewers of SFB1 and Das Erste be involved directly in the event for more than altogether three hours.

Out of the Transparent Studio, situated in the finish-area, the SFB head-of-sports Jochen Sprentzel will present the marathon together with his colleague Dr. Thomas Wessinghage. The former European Champion of 5000 metres and 23 times German Champion will support the SFB-Team as an indispensable expert for the 6th time.

The SFB- and ARD-reporters will inform live from numerous route posts about the course of the race and about the latest score, with reporter-motorbikes following directly at the heels of the leading group. Gerd Rubenbauer, Dominik Vischer, Werner Damm, Sybille Seitz, Dietmar Teige and many more will report live from the scene. Hajo Seppelt will go into action as participant of the run and reporter.

The SFB pictures will again be taken over by many foreign broadcasting stations. Consequently, the Sender Freies Berlin guarantees an all around coverage of the event on the international level.

As in previous years, the 29th real,- BERLIN-MARATHON can also be viewed live on the internet. On the viewers will have the possibility to choose from four live video-streams and to ask questions to many interesting and famous guests in an internet-chat.

No matter if runner, skater or wheelchair user: every discipline of the 29th real,-BERLIN-MARATHON will be covered in detail by the SFB on radio, television and the internet.

Sunday 29th September 2002 „Sportschau live: Berlin Marathon“ on Das Erste: 8.35-11.30 a.m. (live) „Sportpalast extra“ on SFB1: 8.35-14.00 (live) „Abendschau“ on SFB1: 19.30-20.00 Uhr (2 features) „SpätAbendschau“ on SFB1: 21.45-22.00 Uhr (résumé)

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