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Important information for all participants

Details for the participants of the 29. real,-BERLIN-MARATHON


Dear Marathon Runner, Dear Skater,

We are delighted that you will be participating in the 29th real,- BERLIN MARATHON. Things will be a little cramped again this year, especially during the first kilometres of the run, but Berlins streets are wide and offer plenty of room for everyone. At the moment there are a lot of building sites and road works around as the city prepares itself for the future, so there are bound to be a few bottlenecks along the way. Although the Brandenburg Gate will only be officially reopened on 3 October, the Day of German Unity, all five arches will be open on 29 September for runners to pass through. Pariser Platz (behind the Brandenburg Gate) has also been given a facelift.

Please give proper consideration to your fellow runners and to wheelchair racers, and help protect the environment by not littering. Enjoy the hospitality of the city and of all the spectators who have turned out just to see you!

Below you will find important information on the organization of the real,- BERLIN MARATHON. Information which is especially important for inline skaters is indicated by .

Please take the time to read this information carefully.


Starting time for runners: 9.00 a.m. at Charlottenburg Gate on the two right-hand lanes of the Strasse des 17. Juni. In order to make things more relaxed throughout the route, the rear starting block will be started after a short delay.. Wheelchair competitors will start at 8.15 a.m. and power walkers at 9.00 a.m. The starting point for both groups is also on the Strasse des 17. Juni.

Inline skaters will start at the corner of "An der Urania" and Kurfürstenstrasse at 8.25 a.m. Participants will start on both sides of the wide reservation dividing the street. The running and skating courses will meet up at the Victory Column (Siegessäule), where skaters will join the main route. The skaters starting point has been chosen so that the overall distance travelled is the same as that for the runners. Inline skaters will start at 8.25 a.m. regardless of weather.

There are no parking facilities for private cars and buses in the vicinity of the starting area. Please use public transport. Take the underground (U-Bahn) line U2 or bus X9, 145 or 245 to Ernst-Reuter-Platz. You may also take buses 149 or 245, or metrorail (S-Bahn) lines S3, S5, S7, S75 or S9 to Zoologischer Garten, from where it is a short walk down Hardenbergstrasse to the start area. The starting area point can be accessed only via Ernst-Reuter-Platz. All other access routes will be blocked off.

To get to the skater starting point on An der Urania, take underground line U15 to Nollendorfplatz station, or use bus 146, 119, 187 or 219.

The roads in the starting area are off limits to road vehicles.

Adequate toilet and changing facilities are located near the starting line. Please use only these facilities.

Please hand your clothing by 8.45 a.m. to the attendants at the lorry corresponding to your race number. Use only the clothing bag you received with your bib and which bears your race number. Please do not use a box, suitcase or any other bag for your clothing. Do not pack any valuables or breakable items into the clothing bag. After the race begins, your clothing will be taken to finish area. The organizers can accept no responsibility for items lost or damaged.

Please leave your clothing in the tents corresponding to your race number. The tents will be locaded on Kleiststrasse.
If you are registered as a runner you may not start as a skater. As the participant limit for this year has already been reached, no re-registration is possible.

Please note that the organizers cannot provide transport from the finish line back to the starting area. The starting point cannot be accessed from Strasse des 17. Juni. For security reasons, only participants with an official race number will be permitted into the start area. Take leave of friends and family before entering the start area. Souvenir snapshots should be taken at Ernst-Reuter-Platz before the race or along the Strasse des 17. Juni once the race is underway. Only entrants with official race numbers for the real,- BERLIN MARATHON 2002 will be permitted to compete in the race. Race numbers are not transferable. Bibs must be worn on the chest such that your number is clearly visible. They may not be altered in any way. Do not alter any letters or characters that appear on your bib. Any form of alteration will result in disqualification. At the start, runners will be arranged into six blocks based on the "personal best times" which they submitted. Each block will be assigned a colour, and the coloured sticker on your bib indicates your starting block entrance. Anyone taking part in a marathon for the first time will automatically be placed in the last block. Please follow the instructions given by the starter’s assistants to make sure that you and the other runners get under way without any mishaps. Be on the alert for runners without race numbers who try to mingle with the official competitors at the start. Such runners serve only to adulterate the performance figures of the official runners and they take unfair advantage of the support and aid services intended only for registered entrants.

Please enter the starting block whose colour corresponds to the small coloured sticker on your bib. You must be in your starting block no later than 8.10 a.m. Access to the blocks will be monitored. You will be guided to your starting positions shortly before the start of the race. Do not crowd or scramble at the starting line. Leave plenty of room for others in order to prevent falls. The different starting blocks will be signalled to go with a short delay.

Though timekeeping will be done by means of the Real-Time Champion-Chip, for technical reasons start time recording will be switched off 12 minutes after the start of the race is signalled.
Later starts are not possible.
First Aid will be provided by the German Red Cross, who will also supply water on request. Runners may have their own food and beverages deposited at the refreshment stands. Please hand in any such items in a container (no glass, please) clearly labelled with your name, race number and the required location to the "Info-Stand" no later than 7.30 a.m. Due to the vast quantity of food and beverages deposited by the runners, it is virtually impossible to identify your items unless they are clearly labelled.

We are unable to provide your own refreshment for skaters.

When you collect your race number you will be given only one sponge. Don’t forget to take it with you on the race – you only get one!

The "INFO-Point" will be located on the median of the Strasse des 17. Juni (opposite the main Technical University building).
Warm-up exercises: The warm-up session for all runners will be held in front of the main building of the TUB (Technical University Berlin) between 8.00 and 8.30 a.m. The session will be led by a gymnast and accompanied by music.
This warm-up is highly recommended for runners wishing to loosen up and stretch their muscles using safe and effective techniques. The Energy Dance Method makes it easy to follow the prescribed movements, not to mention the special feeling generated by so many athletes moving rhythmically in unison. To get the most out of this session, you should:
1). Imitate the prescribed movements exactly, as if you were looking into a mirror. Ideally, you should stand facing the main stage.
2). Limit the size of your movements so that you can easily and smoothly follow the gymnast. Please be in place and ready to begin at 8.00 a.m.

Unwanted and discarded training apparel can be handed in shortly before the start as a donation to the Red Cross. The collection point will be posted.
General note: Make sure you get to the starting area well ahead of time by means of the public transport system. Don’t spoil your chances of turning in a good performance by having to rush to the starting line and getting nervous in case you are late.

Real-Time Champion-Chip – No chip, no time
Please fasten the chip to your shoelaces.

Your net running time can be measured only if you step on the contact mats laid out on the starting and finishing lines. Likewise, you must step on all mats laid out en route.

(For intermediate time checks - you will be disqualified if your intermediate times are not recorded).

You will receive a balloon when you enter the starting block. Let it go when the starting gun is fired! The deposit you paid on the chip will be refunded, minus hire charges, in the parking area of the vehicle transporting your clothes (back end of the finish line area).

To have your time recorded, fasten the timing chip carefully to your skates at the lowest possible point. The red timekeeping mats pose no danger for skaters. Do not jump over the mats. This may cause accidents and could lead to timekeeping and placement errors. Split times for the skaters will only be taken at km 21.

Protective helmets are mandatory and you will not be allowed to start the race without one (there will be a check at the starting line). Wearing complete protection gear is strongly recommended. The bib with your race number must be worn on your chest. Altering the race number in any way or cutting out sponsors logos or messages will lead to disqualification.

The course

No wheeled vehicles of any kind (cars, bicycles, motorcycles) are permitted to accompany runners on the course. Roller skates, skateboards and all other wheeled devices (with the exception of wheelchairs and skates used by competitors) are also prohibited. No animals are allowed on the marathon course. The most famous monument in Germany, the Brandenburg Gate, is 3.2 km from the start between Strasse des 17. Juni and Unter den Linden. It was a symbol of the division of the city and the nation for a number of decades. Today it is a symbol of unity.

The complete course is paved, nevertheless there are some pot holes, so please be careful throughout the race. Be especially alert in the area of the Brandenburg Gate and on Unter den Linden.

Dangerous points will be marked and at some points you will see volunteers waving a yellow flag. When you see these flags, please slow down and skate very carefully because a tight curve or damaged road surface is ahead of you. Please be careful and obey these safety warnings. Also use caution when passing wheelchair athletes. They cannot move as freely as you and must take curves differently. Please show consideration to your fellow athletes and keep your distance when passing. Please pass other participants always on the left and, if necessary, signal your intention to overtake.

Safety notes on specific sections of the course:
At km 3.2, just beyond the Brandenburg Gate, the road surface has been damaged due to the large number of special events held here. Please use special care! Though Unter den Linden is Berlins most famous boulevard, its asphalt surface is among the citys worst. So don be distracted by the wonderful buildings lining the street, keep your eyes on the often broken, bumby road surface.
From km 23 the course for the skaters will be on the opposite side of the road parallel to the main course. Should you be passed by the leading runners before km 23, please make sure that they are able to pass you without hindrance. Skaters must finish the race within 3 hours. A bus will follow behind the field of skaters at a constant speed corresponding to a 3-hour finishing time. If this bus passes you, you must leave the race and take the bus back to the finish area.

Skater: Follow the GREEN-LINE (from km 23)

Refreshment points will be on the right-hand side of the course (except the 5 km - 17 km point stands, which are on both sides). The following are located at 5-km intervals along the course: time indicator, medical aid, and refreshments in this order: food and drinks deposited by racers, water, containers to soak the sponges, tea (every 5 km starting from km 10). Fruit is also available from the 10 km point to the finish. Only water is available at the 13, 18, 23, 28, 33 and 38 km points. Here drinking water will be handed out in cups and containers will be available for you to soak your sponges with water.

Gatorade mineral drink - at 8 refreshment stands and the finishing line!

Don forget! You only get one sponge with your race number – think about the environment! Large coloured balloons will indicate the order of the refreshments laid out on the tables. Order of colours: green (racers refershments), blue (water), orange (containers to soak sponges), yellow (fruit), white (tea).

Runners: Follow the BLUE-LINE

Do not run too long without a drink, especially in warm weather.
Toilets are located at clearly marked points along the route (every 2.5 km). Masseurs are in attendance every 5 km from the 25-km point onwards. If you require medical aid it is best to run or walk to the next refreshment point where all the necessary facilities are available. If you are compelled to drop out of the race, a special bus following the runners will transport you to the finish area, or you may travel free of charge by underground (U-Bahn) to the finish area (Wittenbergplatz). Your race number serves as a ticket from 10.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.

Please consider other competitors during the race if you wish to change lanes, spit or cross the course to reach a refreshment stand. Don forget that there will be wheelchair racers in the field. Use caution and do not endanger the safety of yourself or others. Use common sense. Please toss your empty cups to the side of the road to keep the path clear for the runners behind you. Help protect Berlins environment by not throwing cups, bottles or leftovers into our waterways (such as the Landwehrkanal). Several video control points have been set up along the course. Please ensure that your race number is clearly visible on your chest throughout the event.

Please use the plastic bottle provided when your race number was issued for refreshments during the race. Because of the high-speed of the skaters, handing out refreshments could be dangerous. We therefore strongly recommend carrying your own refresh-ments/water bottle. This will save you time, protect your fellow skaters and allow you to take refreshments whenever you wish. However, there are “emergency supplies“ at points 10, 20, 30 and 35. If you do use these refresh-ment points, please slow down well in advance. Please throw your empty cups and bottles to the side of the road so as not to trip other skaters.

Along the route there are timing checkpoints where you must run/skate over contact mats to prove you have kept to the correct route. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. (Does not apply to skaters.)


The finish line crosses the right-hand lanes of the Tauentzienstrasse at the corner of Passauer Strasse and will remain open until 3.00 p.m. (Walker 4 p.m.) Your running time is recorded (through contact mats) as you cross the finishing line. Please do not pause near the line but proceed briskly to the back of the finish area. There you will receive your medal and an insulation blanket to keep you warm. Afterwards please leave this area immediately and move towards Lietzenburger Strasse. Please do not return to the finish area after you have reclaimed your clothing. You should arrange to meet fellow competitors outside the finish area. Unfortunately it is prohibited to stay and watch the race from inside the enclosed area as this would hinder the smooth running of your event. Please drop your used sponges into the receptacles provided.

The finish line is on the northern lane of the Tauentzienstraße at the corner of Passauer Strasse. Two timing mat systems will be laid out on the finish line. Skating over these mats poses no hazard. Do not jump over the mats! Doing so could result in faulty timekeeping. The official finish line will be an unbroken line across the lanes. There is only limited space behind the finish line so please do not end the race with a final spurt. Instead, roll relaxed across the finish line with the smile of a winner on your face.

Because of the physical strain your body is subjected to over 42.195 km, we recommend that you keep moving for a time after finishing and only slowly come to rest. Should you feel ill medical staff will be on hand to help you. Students from massage schools in Berlin will be on hand to loosen up your stiffened muscles. They will do their best to help you, but please remember other runners may be waiting to feel the benefits of these "helping hands".

On the cordoned off street leading to Lietzenburger Strasse, showers will be set up so that you can enjoy a warm shower after the race. Before showering you should collect your clothing from the lorry corresponding to your race number. You may recover your clothes until 3.30 p.m. by showing your bib to the lorry attendants. Clothing bags which are not collected by that time will be kept at 4.30 p.m. at the Info Container, Martin-Luther-Straße/Lietzenburger Straße. After that, unrecovered bags can be collected from the Organization Office, Glockenturmstraße 23, 14055 Berlin, starting Monday 30 September. Do your part to protect the environment by not throwing away your insulation blanket after use. Please fold it up and take it home with you. The reunion area (family meeting point) will be located on Lietzenburger Strasse, starting at the junction with Nürnberger Strasse. Please plan to meet your family and friends under the sign bearing the first letter of your last name. Do not plan to meet in the vicinity of the finish line as we cannot allow access to this area for obvious reasons.

Results and awards ceremony

Your provisional placing will be available at Nürnberger Straße, about 45 minutes after you cross the finish line. When complete, the full and final results list will be sent to every finishing participant along with his/her certificate (it will take about six weeks). There is no need to write in for it.

Results on the internet

The awards ceremony and marathon get-together will be held at the "Wasserklops" fountain on Breitscheidplatz (between the memorial church and the Europa Center). This will be a non-stop, open-air event with lots of music from 1.00 to 6.00 p.m. Starting at 2.00 p.m., prizes will be awarded to the first six men and women runners, wheelchair racers and skaters to finish the marathon.

When the work is done its time to Join the Party at the "No Mercy for Tired Legs" after-marathon disco. Come on and dance, if your aching muscles will let you, and honour the winners in Tanztempel Metropol, Nollendorfplatz 5. Winners: Time 11 p.m.. Take bus 119, 187, U 4 (Underground).

Supplementary information
Breakfast Run – "nice ’n easy!"
You are invited to take part in the Breakfast Run on Saturday, 28 September. This run (approx. 6 km) starts at 9.30 a.m. at Charlottenburg palace and finishes at the Olympic Stadium, the site of the 1936 games. Flags and pennants of sports clubs, towns, cities and countries would help to make this a colourful event. You will receive a balloon to carry.

We regret that there is no access to the Olympic Stadium due to the complete overhaul of the arena for the 2006 Football World Cup. Transport: To Schloss Charlottenburg on Spandauer Damm take underground (U-Bahn) line U7 to Richard-Wagner-Platz, from where the palace is just a short walk away, or use bus 109, 145, 210 or X21 (Luisenplatz). Return from the stadium: Take underground line U2, metrorail (S-Bahn) line S5 or bus 149.

When you collect your bib you will find an "Emergency Aid Pass" ("NOTHILFEPASS") on the back. Please fill in the requested information in ink right away. Please do not forget to include your Berlin address (hotel etc.), including room number and/or telephone number.

real,– Pasta Lounge
The real,– Pasta Lounge will be held this year from Thursday to Saturday from 2.00 to 6.00 p.m. in hall 10.1. Around 41,000 plates of pasta accompanied by a variety of sauces will be served at the party. All runners in the real,- BERLIN MARATHON can receive a free serving by presenting a certificate of participation available from where you pick up your race number. Those attending the Pasta-Lounge are requested to bring their own cutlery and plates in order to reduce the amount of rubbish.

Expert emergency aid advice will be offered to the runners on Saturday 28 September in the exhibition halls from 1.00 p.m. and on Sunday, 29 September until shortly before the start of the race. The location will be posted.

ARD Sportschau live: 8.35 - 11.30 p.m.
B1 – SportPalast extra: 11.30 a.m. - 1.00 p.m.
B1 – SportPalast extra: 9.00 - 9.45 p.m.
Say cheese!

You can help in getting the results of the real,-BERLIN MARATHON published by the media: Get in touch with the sports editor of your local paper and let him have your impressions on the real,- BERLIN MARATHON – some pictures of the event would surely be interesting, too. Help us to promote running in Germany through greater publicity. And it would be great if you could send us any articles (originals or copies) on the real,- BERLIN MARATHON published in your local press.

The organizers of the real,- BERLIN MARATHON are striving to continually improve the events environmental record, especially as concerns reducing the amount of litter produced. Here again, we ask you to do your bit.

German Red Cross–Emergency Telephone: 0800 122 2001

Sale: Sunday, 29 September until 6.00 p.m. at Breitscheidplatz (Finisher T-Shirts). The organizers of the real,- BERLIN MARATHON wish you a pleasant run and a healthy finish at Berlins racing event of the year 2002.

This information is based on August 2002 planning data.
Subject to change.

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