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Another landmark reached by the BERLIN-MARATHON Jubilee-Club

Soon there will be 1,000 members!


Before too long, the BERLIN-MARATHON Jubilee Club will have one more reason for celebrations. Insiders know that for many years now the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON has been honouring all marathon runners who have finished ten or more times in Berlin.

Though it has been made known repeatedly among marathon participants, not everyone has heard of the Jubilee Club before. This is why every day we receive new ‘applications’ from marathon runners who are submitting copies of their finishers’ diplomas for proof.

At present, the club’s membership has risen to 984, and probably very soon the 1,000 milestone will be achieved. This is why we urge “old hands“ to mail us their diplomas. Otherwise, the mark will surely be surpassed with the next edition of the race on 29th September 2002.

So far, there are 35 runners registered with us, who have completed the BERLIN-MARATHON nine times. We hope to single out and welcome all of them at the finish line on September 29, so all new members can be presented to the crowd right there on the victors’ rostrum and receive their diploma of honour and the coveted green Jubilee Club tee-shirt.

So far, the membership has been recruited from 906 male runners, 66 women, and 12 wheel chair athletes. The altogether 984 members are from 14 different countries. The undisputed “king“, with 28 marathon finishes, is Bernd Hübner (Berlin), Christl Heine being “his queen“ with 22 successful participations.

The ranking continues:

Welcome to the Club!
These are the new members:

BIB number Name Participations
202 Heinrich Waldmann 26
415 Wilfried Köhnke 26
425 Günter Hallas 26
203 Heinz - Joachim Giesler 24
206 Bernd Rödel 24
207 Werner Feistel 24
204 Uwe Meseberg 23
209 Lothar Thiel 23
205 Manfred Reschke 22
211 Hartmut Fringel 22
524 Wolfgang Hartleben 22
797 Horst Idelberger 22
F101 Christl Heine 22
208 Gustav Pasch 21
210 Klaus Feierabend 21
215 Klaus-Dieter Gentzow 21
216 Rolf Lüer 21
217 Heinz Medenwald 21
219 Wolfgang Schaarschmidt 21
227 Volker Schröder 21
429 Hartmut Ehrlich 21
447 Wolfgang Paech 21
475 Gerhard Almstedt 21
601 Helmut Pflaum 21
BIB number Name
1104 Detlef Müller
1105 Kaj Andersson
1106 Klaus Fleischmann
1107 Dr. Heinz Klamka
1108 John West
1109 Simon Gasper
1110 Hans-Joachim Reinitz
1111 Gert Bulle
1112 Michael Büttner
1113 Dieter Feldmann
1114 Dr. Horst Sauer
1115 Martin Ruess
1116 Dr. Peter-Michael Troester
1117 Michael Graf
1118 Wolfgang Kaltenbacher
1119 Gerrit Kowitz
1120 Matthias Essrich
1121 Christian Zimmermann
1122 Wolfgang Watzek
1123 Hartwig Ellerbrock
1124 Karsten Pobloth
F165 Monika Neumann
F166 Ulrike Meierotto

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