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In order to have a better control of the skaters wishing to start in the first starting blocks (sub 1:30 hours) of the BERLIN-MARATHON we ask for a proof of their capability. This can be shown by a copy of a certificate or results lists when sending the entry form. For further information see below at figure 1.

Because of a change in our software, skaters with personal bests of sub 1:30 can also enter online, if they achieved their times in Berlin in 1999 or 2000. Great care has to put on the way the name is spelled and the year of birth, it has to appear exactly like in the results list. From Wednesday the 31st of January this service should be in working order. We are also trying to get the results of other races (Hamburg, Frankfurt, Koeln, Hannover, Muenchen and Mainz) online soon. Please have some patience.

Further informationen regarding changes for the Speed-Skating event of the BERLIN-MARATHON:

1) Entry Limit, Starting Blocks and Personal Best Times With 6,741 participants the BERLIN-MARATHON was the biggest Skate-Marathon in the world. We entered unknown territory and after the race some skaters complained, that the streets were too full. Due to this there will be no further growth in Berlin in 2001, the field is limited to 6,000 starters. Additionally we will procede with an enhanced block start, which will be delayed slightly and in return will bring more space to the individual starter. We will also pay more attention that only the accredited skaters can enter their responding starting block. Furthermore will the skaters with a best time of sub 1:30 verify their time with a copy of a certificate. Please provide a copy of your certificate when sending your entry form. Due to this, skaters with a PB of sub 1:30 will not be able to enter online. Please be aware, that your best time must be achieved on a course measured by the AIMS-Standard (this standard is enforced by the international Marathon Foot Races). Dreamtimes of for example the Engadin with a 300 meters net drop will not be accepted. At the moment the AIMS-standard applies to the following marathons:

Hamburg, Frankfurt, Koeln, Hannover, Muenchen, Mainz and of course Berlin.

Slower participants will of course also be seeded into starting blocks.

2) Ellbow-, Wrist- and Knee-Protection For years the wearing of a helmet is compulsory. Although scars are sexy, we recommend strongly the wearing of the complete protection set. Crashes are common in competitive Speed-Skating and the protective gear can really help to reduce injuries. There is a limited insurance provided by the organizer (for acts of gross negligence by the organizer), but this will only apply to participants wearing the full protective set, others do start fully on their own risk.

We also urge you to take along your own drinks, this further helps to minimizr reasons for unnecessary crashes. Nevertheless we will have water along the course, you will not die with thirst.

You can test your shape on the 1st of April in Berlin when we organise the 21st BERLIN-HALFMARATHON. You will find further information also on our homepage. Other races in Germany can be found on our Homepage when you are on the German site, click on Skate and than on Rennkalender. Our third race for Speed-Skaters is in the dawn of the 4th of August on the Kurfuerstendamm (10km).

One annoyance of last year was the wet road right after the start. At first we thought it was the local cleaning company which did this without an order from us, but the truth is of course much simpler: the street runs through a huge park and due to the climate on this weekend (rain and high humidity) the park produced this natural wetness on the street! We hope that won be the case this year.

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