Cross Challenge on 24 October 2021

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What are the Cross Days

Cross Challenge 2020 #MatschMoorFun

Is “just running” too boring for you? Would you rather go hog wild? Then it is time to toughen up and get ready for some wild and unforgettable fun! You can’t be squeamish at the Cross Challenge, where your spirits will rise as the level of couth of the moderators falls. Starting in 2020, the suffering will only persist for one day. That’s all you can handle anyway. After that you can immediately lick your wounds and try to clean up your clothes.

It’s a family affair

To make doing the laundry really worth it, the whole family can join in. The Cross Challenge is an event for the whole crew. Who wants to be left alone at the Black Gate to Mo(o)rdor when you could enter the darkness yourself? It will be up to you, though, to explain to your kids why you allowed this exception to your sparkling clean life, otherwise filled with Babycchinos and Instagrammable strolls in the fall.

From the comfort zone into the wilderness

The race takes place where you can usually find more wolves than people: in Brandenburg. We’ll oust you from the city and force you out into the wilderness. To be more precise, to the battlefield with its over 30 obstacles on the grounds of MC Gross-Glienicke and the Bundeswehr training area of Döberitzer Heide. Oooooh – are you afraid to leave your comfort zone? Are you one of the wimps who at best is only willing to get a foot wet in a puddle during a traditional spring 10K? If so, then please click on now. All others, read on!

Between Dixie Doors and a Darkroom

Our course is notorious for its obstacles. Anyone can hang out in unlit rooms on the weekends, but our darkroom is sure to bring the blush of shame to even the most experienced Berlin clubbers. The situation is similar for the new dixie doors. There’s a surprise waiting behind every door, just like on an Advent calendar, but you won’t find any nice treats. And of course we will send you on a trip your optician would advise against … our water slides will bend every frame, with or without lenses. Or as our course creator describes it: “Once in—you are gone!” But we’re not (just) here for fun … well, OK, we organizers are, but it is our job to send you off on a trip to hell!

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