Cross Challenge on 24 October 2021

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Infos about the registration

  • Final registration date

    Online registration is possible until October 15, 2021, unless the participation limit is reached before then.

    • Participation fee

      Youth Challenge

      Youth (2010 - 2004)
      1 - 150
      20,00 Euro
      151 - 500
      25,00 Euro

      Cross Challenge

      Participant Sprint Pink Black
      1 - 150 30,00 € 40,00 € 50,00 €
      151 - 300  35,00 € 55,00 € 65,00 €
      301 - 1000 40,00 € 65,00 € 75,00 €
    • WWF - Doing Good while Running

      Your donation to protect our global forests 

      On average, at least 14 million hectares of forest disappear worldwide every year. Let's save the green lungs of our earth together!

      With the help of your donation to the WWF, we can designate protected areas, reforest and train forest rangers.


      You can find >>more information about the forest and WWF projects.

    • Change of discipline

      For a change to another discipline a fee of 5,- Euro will be charged. In addition, if you change to a more expensive discipline, you have to pay the difference. Name changes are not possible.

      You can either inform us in advance in writing via our contact form or on site at the start number pick up.

    • Start number pick up

      You will receive your start number

       Sunday, October 24, 2021
       from 07:30 am until 30min before your start

      on the venue of MC Groß Glienicke.

      At this point you can also register your Kids for the Bambini-Challenge.

    • Starting times


      08:45 am Bambini Run 
      09:30 am
      Youth Challenge
      10:15 am 
      Sprint Challenge
      11:15 am 
      Pink Challenge
      11:45 am 
      Black Challenge

      * Subject to change

    • Courses

      Start and finish are located in the natural landscape Döberitzer Heide near Groß Glienicke.

       Youth Challenge  5 km
       Sprint Challenge
       5 km
       Pink Challenge
       10 km
       Black Challenge
       19 km

      Course map

      Start/Finish area

    • Participation limit

       Youth Challenge  500 participant
       Sprint Challenge
       1.000 participant
       Pink Challenge
       1.000 participant
       Black Challenge
       1.000 participant
    • Valuables

      We offer secured and supervised storage for your valuables and luggage for 5,- Euro.

    • The golden ball

      The participants of the Pink Challenge 10km and the Black Challenge 19 km will get a golden ball before the race starts.

      Write your race number with an edding on the golden ball and take this with you on the course.

      On a secret spot through the course is a “goldmine”/ throwing point for the golden ball, here you have to throw in your golden ball with the written race number on it.

      All the participants who are throwing the ball in the goldmine are taking automatically part in the draw. Great prizes are waiting for you.

      The winner will be drawn on site after the event.

    • Goodie

      Each participant will receive a fascia ball in the finish.
      To help you recover faster from your hell ride, we're giving you the ball.
      This fascia ball will help you relax your toned muscles. Do yourself a favor and use it often. When you feel comfortable, you can start dreaming about your next challenge with us. We look forward to seeing you!
    • Timekeeping

      Not for speed demons

      Every finisher is a champion of the pain and suffering - in 2021, we will not be using timekeeping.

      We want you to experience the event with all your senses and not only talk about a personal best time after the event. We want to see the glow in your eyes and the smile on your blue, trembling lips, when you have mastered the dirtiest challenge of the year—without any hurried looks or a concern for your time.

    • Refund, exchange, transfer

      According to our terms of participation SCC EVENTS registrations are non-refundable (§6) and non-transferable.

      Only officially registered individuals are permitted to participate in events organized by SCC EVENTS.

      Running without an official registration or "running for someone else"  is a violation of the terms and conditions for a participation in SCC EVENTS competitions (§ 4) and will result in disqualification.


    • Parking ticket

      Parking ticket for 7,- Euro

      As no public parking is available, we have rented a parking area for you, which is about 10min walk from the event site. However, the rented space is limited.

      Parking tickets can be purchased directly during the online registration at a price of 7,- Euro. The tickets will be sent the week before the event.

    • Insurance

      Cancellation insurance is handled via the „Entry Ticket Insurance“ of ERGO Reiseversicherung-AG. It is an insurance to cover the cost of an entry ticket (here: participation fee).

      Youth Challenge

      Youth (2010 - 2004)
      1 - 150
      151 - 500

      Cross Challenge

      participant Sprint participant Pink participant Black
      1 - 150 0,99 € 1 - 300  1,29 € 1 - 300 1,49 €
      151 - 300  1,29 € 301 - 600 1,99 € 301 - 600 2,49 €
      301 - 1000 1,29 € 601 - 1000 2,49€ 601 - 1000 2,49 €


      What is covered?
      You are insured if you are unable to attend the event due to the occurence of an insured event.

      Insured events are among other: 

      • unexpected serious illness
      • serious accidential injury
      • death

      If an insured event has occured, the participation fee including fees will be reimbursed. 

      • Insured amount: corresponding to the insured participation fee 


      What is not covered?
      If the event is postponed or cancelled.

      Further information can be found in the online registration. 

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