Cross Challenge on 25 October 2020

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  • Starting times - Competitions

    Starting time


     9:15 am

     Bambini (b. 2009 till 2015) - approx. 500 m, without time keeping

     10:00 am

     approx. 10 km Women / Men - PINK Challenge

     10:30 am

     approx. 19 km Women / Men - BLACK Challenge

  • Registration Fees

    You can find further information about the registration fees by the General infos

  • BLACK Challenge

    Course approx. 19 km:

    For those endurance freaks, adventurers, the real tough ones and aficiandos.

  • PINK Challenge

    Course approx. 10 km:

    For all speedsters, sprinters, tough ladies and real guys. 

  • SPRINT Challenge

    Course approx. 5 km:

    For all beginners, teams, dirt testers and curious ones.

  • Start, Course, Finish

    Start-Ziel-Karte 2019


    Strecke Black & Pink Challenge

    Subjekt to change

  • The golden ball

    The participants of the Pink Challenge 10km and the Black Challenge 19 km will get a golden ball before the race starts.

    Write your race number with an edding on the golden ball and take this with you on the course.

    On a secret spot through the course is a “goldmine”/ throwing point for the golden ball, here you have to throw in your golden ball with the written race number on it.

    All the participants who are throwing the ball in the goldmine are taking automatically part in the draw. The main winnings have a value of around 200 €.
    The winners will be announced on Monday after the event on the SCC EVENTS Facebook page and  will be contact by mail.

  • Extras

    Parking Permit - 7€

    - The parking lot is about a 10 minute walk from the event venue

    Buff - 10€

    - The Cross Days Multi-Functional scarf, matching the event

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