Cross Challenge on 24 October 2021

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Information about the Cross Challenge

  • Starting Times

    Time  Black Challenge 
     approx.  8:30 a.m.
      19 k  female / men

    The exact starting time will be announced shortly before the event on the homepage or you can find this information in the event - information which you will receive about 1 week before by email.

  • Start, Finish and Course

    The start and finsih are locate in Döberitzer Heide/Gross Glienicke

    We will publish a detailed plan asap.

    All the young savages and dirty little piglets can satisfy their hunger for obstacles on a 5K trail, where they can taste the mud.

    If this sparks an appetite for more, soon they will be ready for larger portions and longer distances. Youngsters up to age 17 often have more energy and are more daring than their elders.

    They can find out for themselves just how much they can really handle. Remember, if you can climb over water, you can also fall far.

  • Registration Fee

    Black Challenge

    Black Challenge
    1 - 300
    50 Euro
    301 - 600 
    65 Euro
    601- 1,000
    75 Euro
    Late registration
    75 Euro
  • Parking

    As no public parking is available, we have rented a nearby parking lot for you. It is about a 10-minute walk to the event.

    If you purchased a parking permit with your registration, you will receive it the week before the event.

    Please remember in the excitement of the morning to put the permit in a visible spot on the card. Without the permit we cannot guarantee you a spot, and in addition you will have to pay for a new one if you don't bring yours.

    Parking permits can be purchased on site for 7€, but parking is limited. Please carpool and arrive early, as we are expecting there to be traffic.

    Information about getting there

  • Race Number pick up

    Race number pick up will take place on Saturday, October 25, 2020 from 8 am on the venue of MC Groß Glienicke.

  • Who is allowed to participate?

    Survival of the fittest. The ultimate challenge for the strongest and most courageous can be found on the 19K BLACK Challenge. For all over 18 Years

  • Extras

    Parking Permit - 7€

    - The parking lot is about a 10 minute walk from the event venue

    Buff - 10€

    - The Cross Days Multi-Functional scarf, matching the event

  • Time Limit

    Time limit is four hour

    Not for speed demons

    Every finisher is a champion of the pain and suffering. In 2020, we will not be using timekeeping—and thus eliminate any desires to be a speed demon. We want you to experience the event with all your senses and not only talk about a personal best time after the event. We want to see the glow in your eyes and the smile on your blue, trembling lips, when you have mastered the dirtiest challenge of the year—without any hurried looks or a concern for your time.

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